Prophetess Telethia Denise Barrett

Through the Work of the Holy Spirit, Prophetess Telethia Barrett is a willing Vessel to be used by God to bring Kingdom Dominion, Healing and Deliverance to His People. Deliverance in mind body and soul. She currently attends the Institute of God, where she receives divine revelations. With Divine Instruction she is able to teach Gods people how to build and implement the Kingdom of God, from Religious Schools to God I AM based businesses. 

God has given her detox/purification products that aid in spiritual deliverance. God has also revealed to her the call to lay hands on others to bring about spiritual healing and deliverance. She works in church outreach in the area of Ministry Development, Civil Rights, helping the downtrodden, and teaching his people from infants and beyond. 

Implementing the Kingdom of God includes opening schools to teach His Children, protecting their minds and giving them rightful instruction, transitional housing for those in need, and Aquaponic Systems for farming and self-sustainability. 

Prophetess Telethia D. Barrett teaches Church Website Development, Strategies to take Dominion in your Community, Business Ministry Set-up and Development, writes and  provides plans/strategies to the body of Christ.  

There is a Great Awakening Taking Place, a Revival of the Heart through the Spiritual Hands of God. He has Sent Prophetess Telethia Denise Barrett into the Earth for such a time as this, Healing is in His House. 

Healing Takes The Word, Faith, Elements and Actions, God has Called her to minister through all four.

  • Body Purification -Spirits of Infirmity  - The enemy has launch an all out attack on the body with chemical and toxin in everything from foods, clothing, air, body products, we have to have a natural way to stay in good health to do the Works of God while we are here on earth - Cancer, ArthritisDiabetes, Lupus, Depression, InsomniaHigh Blood Pressure, Obesity - God Inspired Natural Products can aid in the Wellness Process
  • Broken Hearted - Many today are of a broken spirit and only God can truly heal the Broken Hearted - Ministering the Word of God is the best medicine for those of a broken heart -Family Issues/Betrayal
  • Downtrodden - Fatherless, Orphans, Poor, Prisoners,  Single Parents The Spirit of Oppression is a very strong spirit based in Hate, many of Gods people are held captive and we need to help them by advocating for Civil Rights, and ministering deliverance from a spirit of oppression,  There are many spirit that can attach themselves to people and the people of God and we need deliverance to free us from deep emotional wounds - Captives 
  • Kingdom Dominion - Fruit - Businesses Do I need a 501c3 God has his way of doing business and the world has their way of doing business, Kingdom Economics means the ability to create God inspired products, create effective outreach ministries that affect the Whole man, fund raise to carry out the orders of the Lord with ministry, build finacial institutions, build up the Kingdom of God with Kingdom Economics all with God being the head. 

Business       Empowerment      As      Ministry

Beam - structural support, a bar of balance, transmit a message via satellite or radio, smile expansively, a ray or shaft of light, to radiate light  to SHINE

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